node version 6 or later is required


npm install thrift

Thrift Compiler

You can compile IDL sources for Node.js with the following command:

thrift --gen js:node thrift_file

Cassandra Client Example:

Here is a Cassandra example:

```js var thrift = require('thrift'), Cassandra = require('./gen-nodejs/Cassandra') ttypes = require('./gen-nodejs/cassandra_types');

var connection = thrift.createConnection("localhost", 9160), client = thrift.createClient(Cassandra, connection);

connection.on('error', function(err) { console.error(err); });

client.get_slice("Keyspace", "key", new ttypes.ColumnParent({column_family: "ExampleCF"}), new ttypes.SlicePredicate({slice_range: new ttypes.SliceRange({start: '', finish: ''})}), ttypes.ConsistencyLevel.ONE, function(err, data) { if (err) { // handle err } else { // data == [ttypes.ColumnOrSuperColumn, ...] } connection.end(); }); ```


Since JavaScript represents all numbers as doubles, int64 values cannot be accurately represented naturally. To solve this, int64 values in responses will be wrapped with Thrift.Int64 objects. The Int64 implementation used is broofa/node-int64.

Client and server examples

Several example clients and servers are included in the thrift/lib/nodejs/examples folder and the cross language tutorial thrift/tutorial/nodejs folder.