Using Thrift with Java

The Thrift Java source is not build using the GNU tools, but rather uses the Apache Ant build system, which tends to be predominant amongst Java developers.

To compile the Java Thrift libraries, simply do the following:


Yep, that's easy. Look for libthrift.jar in the base directory.

To include Thrift in your applications simply add libthrift.jar to your classpath, or install if in your default system classpath of choice.

Build Thrift behind a proxy:

ant -Dproxy.enabled=1 -Dproxy.user=thriftuser -Dproxy.pass=topsecret

or via

./configure --with-java ANT_FLAGS='-Dproxy.enabled=1 -Dproxy.user=thriftuser -Dproxy.pass=topsecret'


Apache Ant