Versioning client libraries for a release

The current process for versioning the client libraries for a new release is as follows. This will be required until the process is automated as outlined in

Client version information locations

Language Automated File(s) containing version info
thrift-compiler yes
as3 no based on java lib
cocoa no lib/cocoa/Thrift.h
cpp yes
csharp no lib/csharp/src/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
dart no lib/dart/pubspec.yaml
delphi no /lib/delphi/src/Thrift.pas
erl yes lib/erl/src/
go no
haxe no lib/haxe/haxelib.json
hs no lib/hs/Thrift.cabal
java no lib/java/
javame no
js no lib/js/thrift.js
node.js no lib/nodejs/package.json
netcore no lib(/netcore/Thrift/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
ocaml no
perl no lib/perl/lib/
php no
py no lib/py/
rb no lib/rb/Rakefile
rs no lib/rs/Cargo.toml
st no
Debian Packages no contrib/debian/changelog
DOAP no doap.rdf

Information for all new client libraries

These values should be used for all new client libraries and are the same values across all libraries:

Versioning Schema

The versioning scheme used for any clients is based on the Semantic Versioning Specification